I just got an email telling me I received the $5,000 Horatio Alger scholarship!!! I just wanted to thank you so, so much for continuing to help Catapulters even after camp has ended. It honestly means the world to me and it affects me in the most positive way everyday (this scholarship is a clear example)! So thank you from the bottom of my heart. – Ali, Catapult 2013, Catapult Plus 2014 & 2015

Catapult showed me ways to achieve my dreams, taught me the importance of reaching out to people, has given me new relationships, and helped me grow – Ally, Catapult 2014, Catapult Plus 2015

I can easily say that I owe everything that I have achieved in these last three years of high school because of Catapult. Without this amazing camp and the staff, I would not be who I am today. The impact that Catapult and Catapult Plus have had on me will never stop growing and making me a better leader in my school and in my community. -Nikki, Catapult 2012, Catapult Plus 2013 & 2014

Recently I was evicted and have no home. I came here leaving my mother alone and I don’t know what’s next. This camp gave me hope. – Zack, Catapult 2014

Catapult has motivated me in many ways to get out and involved with my community, and gives me the feeling of being supported throughout the school year. – Kassidy Catapult 2012, Catapult Plus 2013 & 2014

Catapult completely changed my life and significantly impacted my high school experience. The program pushed me to apply what I’d learned about leadership into action. I was given the tools to accomplish my goals, as well as the encouragement and confidence that I would succeed. -Meaghan Catapult 2011, Catapult Plus 2013

Thanks for helping me find my inner self – Eric, Catapult 2013

I was accepted into the Royal Military College to study Aerospace Engineering. It’s a dream job for me and I’ve just been accepted earlier than most people would ever be to do this! A large part of my evaluation was on “leadership potential” and it was because of the things that I’ve learned at Catapult that helped me to secure this awesome position! So thanks! -Navarre, Catapult 2010


First of all I’d like to thank you for giving Devon this wonderful opportunity of attending Catapult and Catapult Plus over the last 3 years. He had such an awesome time and shed a few tears, this year more than past as it was his last year. He was very honored to have spent his time there learning and experiencing so much. He has definitely benefited and grown so much. – Tracy, Catapult parent

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the opportunity that was extended to Isis, allowing her to participate in Catapult. I noticed a huge difference in her confidence and overall, her positive outlook. I know that it went far beyond her expectations. – Laurel, Catapult parent

I wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks and appreciation for everything Catapult has done for Ben. He had a remarkable time and has not stop talking about his experience. The time he spent with Kerry Cook will stay with him for a very long time, as will the entire experience. Please pass along my thank you to everyone involved, I could write so much more, but I will leave you with a heartfelt Thank You! – Roy, Catapult parent


Though Catapult was my first experience as a counsellor, I felt truly in a place of comfort. From the structure of the activities, to the speakers, to the free time, everything was thoughtfully organized. Of course I cannot overlook the acceptance that everyone provided to the campers and the counsellors. The way the campers opened up was a sign of their investment into the program and it verifies that their character is developing in a positive way. – Mark, Catapult Counselor
Catapult was a place where in one short week, I was able to witness people evolve in a positive way right before my eyes. Knowing that I was playing a small role in that transformation was the most incredible feeling I have ever had the privilege of experiencing.
– Katelyn, Catapult Junior Counselor


Thank you so much for your leadership and dedication to this venture. There are now 300+ young people in NS that you have directly helped. They are so much closer to realizing their full potential and now have the confidence to become people of influence. You and your team are amazing and are the envy of every educator in the province because you guys really do make a difference in young people’s lives. – Paul Ingram, Guidance, Eric Graves School

I am retiring this year and wanted to express my appreciation for all of the work that goes in to making this opportunity available. I know from students who have attended Catapult, the short and long term impact that makes a huge difference in their personal growth and confidence. I had a visit from a student who attended 2 years ago and she was off to a national youth conference which she was facilitating-how amazing is that, especially considering her personal struggles at her time of Catapult camp. -Susan Gaudet, Guidance, Truro Junior High School

Catapult has been a great boost for the students at Pugwash High. Those students who have attended have impacted their peers and spread the efforts of leadership throughout the school. – Gillian Allan, Guidance Pugwash High