counselor responsibilities

counselorsAll Counselors receive in depth training and are involved in pre-camp planning for 2 days prior to the students’ arrival for Catapult camp and 1 day prior to the students’ arrival for Catapult Plus conference.

As a staff member, your PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY will be to look after the safety and general well-being of our campers during their stay with us. All Counselors live in residence among the students where they enjoy the single use of a double dorm room. Meals are at Acadia’s dining hall.


Each Counselor is assigned to a FAMILY of 7-8 students. Many activities are organized by Families and a friendly level of competition is encouraged. Family Shares take place at the end of each evening and consist of an open discussion, in a confidential atmosphere of mutual respect.

Throughout the week you will be expected to:
– Get to know all campers.
– Encourage the more timid and introverted campers to participate.
– Provide general supervision and discipline.
– Monitor student wake-ups and curfews
– Assist Camp Directors and teaching resources as requested.
– Set up and supervise free time options.
– Act as moderator during Family Shares.
– Oversee health issues under the supervision of the camp nurse.

I had the amazing chance to attend Catapult where the true leadership qualities in me came alive and I discovered who I really am.
~ Rachelle Garand