camp for staff

What does Catapult Camp and Catapult Plus Camp look like for staff??

catapult2[1] Catapult Plus Camp
By the Numbers
• 65 Campers
• 2 Camp Directors
• 9 Counselors, 2 Junior Counselors

Program Highlights
• Speakers: Mr. Phil, Tyler Hayden
• Leadershops in public speaking, conflict management, life skills, and post-secondary choices
• Pay-it-Forward forum

Catapult Camp
By the Numbers
• 50 Campers
• 3 Camp Directors
• 1 Head Counselor, 7 Counselors, 2 Junior Counselors
• 1 Nurse, 1 Videographer

Program Highlights
• Guest Speakers: Nancy Regan, Will Njoku, Terry Kelly, Travis Price
• Leadershops in confidence, communication, goals, teamwork, decision making, perseverance
• Rock Night with Mike Cowie Band
• Bullying Night, Mud Sliding & Informally Formal Dinner

If you’re interested in becoming a Catapult counselor, apply online here. If you have additional questions, please contact Lori Barker at or phone 902-830-5704.

My favorite memory from Catapult was when we got to play with the children from S.M.I.L.E.  That program is amazing, and I just fell in love with the idea of it. The kids looked like they were having a blast and everyone had a smile on their face!
~ Karleigh, Catapult 2012