Kerry Cook

How to go from ordinary to extraordinary by Kerry Cook

I grew up with an absent dad and a physically and mentally abusive mother. I was told I was worthless and would never amount to anything. These negative messages and influences were reinforced by the pubic school system by bullies and school peer groups.

These things said to me, taught to me by others defined me for most of my life growing up. In school I hid behind the bleachers during Physical Education period too afraid to take a chance and play with the other boys through a fear I would be exposed as too weak., too short and too slow.

My only friend was a like-minded girl who was just as trapped as I was and who thought of herself as “overweight, unattractive, too shy, and not as smart as the other girls”.

Fear kept me trapped inside my own mind unable to get out until the day I found the key to unlock the cell door within my mind that kept me afraid and living in fear that I was not as good as everyone else. And that’s what I want to share with you.

If you can be inspired to find your voice, be the person you are inside, and resist your negative influences, you can go from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

The three most influential factors that can put us behind bars within our mind, unable to break out with an omnipotent fear of being who we were born to be are:
Peer Groups, Media, & Family.

Peer Groups: For many teenagers, peer pressure – – caring too much what others think, or wanting to be accepted and fit in a particular group – – is the most pressing factor of their lives.

Media Pressure: Media and Peer Group pressure go hand-in-hand. Media creates a false, nearly unobtainable vision of the norm without telling you that. One of a million examples for a girl – she’s brought into the world and exposed to a media that tells her constantly that thinner is better. This creates anorexic disorders. Girls are imbued with the belief that any physical flaws are unacceptable and are cause to go hide and not try to be everyone else. In Boys, being a man is defined as needing to be bigger, stronger, meaner, and more aggressive. The media presents these precepts to today’s youth as the gold standard of acceptance. In other words, just being who we were born to be just isn’t good enough. If it is true we are what we eat, then so it is that we become what we are told.

Family Pressure: Our families can be a positive or a negative force in our lives. They can either inspire us to go out and do great things, or leave us full of self-doubt, unmotivated to step out of our shell. And if the family influence is negative, the more we love our families, the greater the negative influences can have holding you back. You see, since the day you were born you have absorbed everything around you, consciously and subconsciously. Recognize this and understand you don’t have to live in servitude of past influences, if they were negative and uninspiring.

The key to unlocking your cell door that keeps you trapped inside your mind is finding your voice; be who you were born to be and not the clone Peer groups, the Media, or negative Family Pressures program you to be. The more you become like everyone else and accept the media’s definition of what the norm is, the harder it becomes for you to fight your own doubts that have been created by the false programing to begin with. Combined, it can leave you uninspired and unmotivated to even try. And remember, a real friend is someone who inspires you, accepts you for who and what you are.

Our greatest obstacle to becoming who we really are inside isn’t necessarily peer groups, the media or negative uninspiring family pressure. It is ourselves. It’s the fear of trying because we have been taught to believe we are not as good as everyone else when we really are. We find it easier to hide behind our fear than risk failure. Disarm your fear by understanding how it got inside you. The word “fear” can be broken down to mean nothing more than “False Evidence Appearing Real. “ That’s all fear really is, a liar and a deceiver.

The worse thing we can do is live in the past. Unlock the cell door that keeps you trapped behind bars inside your head and you too can go from one of the ordinary to the extraordinary. I know of many Catapulters who have already done it – so can you. The first step is believing. Close your eyes and ignore the voices in your head that scream at you so loudly it hurts that you can’t and replace them with a voice that declares that you can. Fight the fear and you CAN.