Once our nomination deadline closes, our selection committee must complete the difficult task of choosing Catapult’s next class. Nominations are reviewed in April, and selections are made by the end of the month.

Every nominated student receives a letter in response to their nomination. The letter is addressed to each of the candidates that were nominated but mailed to the nominator at the school to hand deliver to the student(s) on our behalf. Nominators receive a copy of the student letters so they will know if their student has or has not been selected.



The following are items we consider when deciding who to select for camp:

• We look for evidence of leadership initiatives both in and out of school.
• We consider the barriers that need to be overcome in order to experience leadership activities (geography, economics, family issues etc.)
• If choosing between 2 students with comparable responses and involvements, we lean towards the student with heavier barriers or the student on whom the program could have a greater impact.
• The effort the students put into their responses are heavily weighted in an attempt to choose students who are enthusiastic about coming to our program.
• We consider prior year selections in order to include as many schools as we can. We prefer not to choose more than 1 student from any one school although it happens occasionally.
• We attempt to create a richly diverse group in terms of culture and interests.
• We try to maintain a balanced gender ratio.

“After attending Catapult, I finally had the courage to go for what I wanted. I became involved with other groups and activities that led me down an amazing path to be a real leader. And I owe it all to this awesome program called Catapult!”
~ Liam, Catapult 2010