get involved

for lori 1Following Catapult camp, our students are invited to participate in a Catapult Student Peer Group where Catapult alumni at the same school can meet Catapulters from other grades. The peer groups are completely student led and each group decides when they meet, how often and what they will be doing when they meet (leadership exercises, peer support, etc.). Catapult supplies a workbook, the students provide the motivation and the schools need only supply a classroom for the students to conduct their meetings.

Our Catapulters are also invited to join our extended program, Catapult Plus, where they must complete four core areas of leadership activities. The most challenging area is the community project where the student must plan, organize and lead an activity of their choosing (fundraiser, school event, clean up project etc.). This project is an opportunity for the student to pay it forward and to gain valuable leadership skills throughout the process. Occasionally, students request the assistance of an adult advisor.

If you would like to act as an advisor for a Catapult Student Peer Group or Community Project at your school, please contact Lori Barker at 902-830-5704 or email

“My favorite memory from Catapult was the High Ropes Course.  It was hard but I learned to never give up.  And I shared this experience with amazing friends who cheered each other on the whole time!”
~ Elizabeth, Catapult 2012