Ever wonder where your money is going by Taylor B

Money can be spent and gone in a blink of an eye which was what used to happen to me. My experience creating a budget for myself was tough but I knew that it was what I had to do in order to keep track where my money is going and how to control my spending.

I decided to use the Catapult Money Management template as my guide towards making my own budget which focused on a few things at a time. Before I made my budget I decided to make a list of needs and wants. I narrowed it down to what is most important right now based on deadlines and future goals. I decided to focus on four needs; extra-curriculars, my trip to Europe, post-secondary education, and I decided to make an other column for future needs. I split up my four needs by 25%. This budget was beneficial to me because I was not overwhelmed by a huge list of what I needed to save up for. I managed to achieve two out of four budget goals so far which are my extra-curriculars and my trip to Europe.

As of right now I do not have a part time job but I learned that it’s okay. There are other ways to save and make money. I save money from gifts, money from past jobs, and more. I also volunteer because I recognize the importance of it. Even though you do not make money volunteering, it helps by putting something on a resume, and will help out with earning scholarships. There are plenty of ways to earn money online that can suit your interests, passions, and needs. An example would be creating essays and entering them to win $500 or more. I discovered a great website called Student Life Network where if you’re 16 or older, in high school or post secondary, you can create an account and enter contests to win money. Student Life Network does not require your grades or even writing essays, in order to win it is based on random draw. I also check the Catapult group page for opportunities.

With the help of Catapult, I was able to figure out ways to earn money, how to create a budget that is suited to my needs, and I gained motivation to follow through with my goals.

Taylor, Catapult 2014