Communication – Staying in Touch by Dede

With the change in season and many students finishing school for the summer, communicating with friends (& family) can be a challenge. But with technology today, it’s easier than ever to stay in touch. Hi, my name is Dede and these are some of my favourite ways to stay in touch:

FaceTime: I love FaceTime in a way that I’ll never love talking on the phone. FaceTime is one of my most favourite communication tools because no matter where someone is in the world, you can see their face. You can see the way their eyes sparkle when they’re talking about somethings they love or the way the bridge between their eyebrows crinkle when they talk about somethings that annoys them. They communicate every emotion on their face. I also love FaceTime because you can see their surroundings in real time, you can see their hyper dogs or loving cats and meet their friends and love interest.

E-mail: I find e-mail useful to use to talk to my friends that don’t have Facebook but live outside Canada, such as my friend Ida from China or my friend Phil from Ecuador because I can hear from them without expensive phone bills and since there is a large time difference between us, we just reply to each others messages when we see them.

Facebook: Facebook has been a large part of my day to day life because it has helped me get in touch with long lost cousins, Aunts and Uncle and even old friends, and I can see what they’re thinking or feeling or doing with their lives.

Snapchat: I was only recently introduced to snapchat (destinynickers) and it is awesome. I can take pictures with silly filters or send silly videos. I can chat with someone I haven’t talked to in awhile or take funny pictures with friends and family. I can honestly say it my favourite toy.

These are just some communication tools I like to use to stay in touch.