Ask an Expert

We want to be helpful in areas where you need support. So ask questions! We may not have the answer…but we can definitely find someone who does. That’s called networking.

As part of our career coaching program, we want to connect you to people who are in school or in the workforce doing things you think might be the right fit for you. You can ask Catapult to help connect you to someone who can share some insight into their “day in the life of…”. You can find out what they enjoy most about their career, what they don’t enjoy. Ask about their career journey and what opportunities they see in their field of work. It’s a glimpse into your potential future – why not take it!

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You should think about the questions you might want to know more about – so we’ve put together a few you might find helpful when asking your Dream job questions

The WISEatlantic program is primarily engaged in inspiring youth to consider science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers and making them aware of the diversity that exists within these fields. You can view people talking about their jobs on the Techsploration website at Science/Engineer Career Videos

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