catapult plus conference

Registration materials will be mailed to Catapult Plus students in May

The Catapult Plus Summer Conference will continue to “catapult” you towards excellence! This 4-day summer program has been developed Catapult-style. Once again, your conference, meals and accommodations are paid for by our generous community partners but you must be enrolled in the Catapult Plus program to attend. Transportation will be coordinated by Catapult using carpooling and/or shuttle service (fees will be reimbursed as applicable).

To register for the Catapult Plus Conference, you must be a Catapulter, be in grade 10 or 11 and enrolled in the Catapult Plus program. Preview preview the Catapult Plus Handbook (required to earn your free tuition). To find out more, contact

Grade 10 and 11 Catapulters will come together at Acadia University to reunite, learn and grow together. The conference program will be modeled after Catapult Camp with familiar favourites such as family groups, care cards and family shares. As always, there’ll be some terrific speakers to inspire and motivate you, lots of fun activities, and free time for you to reconnect with your cherished friends.

Catapult leadership skill building sessions will help you gain valuable tools to succeed in high school and beyond. Like Catapult Camp, the Catapult Plus Conference schedule isn’t “typical”; however, following is what one of your days could look like:

8am – Breakfast
9am – Public Speaking session with Mr. Phil
12pm– Lunch
2pm – Pay-Forward Project presentations
5pm – Dinner
7pm – Teambuilding session
10pm- Team Shares
11pm- Lights Out