frequently asked questions

The whole reason for creating the Catapult Plus program is because we believe in you and we want to do everything we can to help you create the best possible future for yourself. So what do you say? Say “yes” to Catapult Plus….you have nothing to lose…and so much to gain!

1. What’s involved?
2. What kind of time commitment is required?
3. How much does it cost?
4. Tell me about the Summer Conference?

What’s involved?
Catapult students in high school can join the Catapult Plus program following Catapult Camp by electing to focus on four core areas of leadership over the course of the next school year: Community, Extra-Curricular, Learning & Goals. Catapulters who sign up will receive a Catapult Plus Handbook to provide guidance, templates and reports for each of these areas. You can conduct your activities until May 30th after which you must submit the reports to Catapult. Through doing this work, you’ll find yourself on a path to self-discovery and you’ll be rewarded by becoming an even better leader, achieving more results, building a better resume, and be well on your way to reaching your dreams!

Each summer our participating students will come to the all-expenses paid Catapult Plus conference to reunite with friends, meet other Catapulters, learn more about being a leader, and celebrate their success.

What kind of time commitment is required?
The quick answer is: it all depends! Many of you are already doing everything we’re asking. However, for those that aren’t, the time and effort expected will be very reasonable and will not interfere with studies or other commitments. YOU choose the time and effort you want to put into your project — it is an opportunity to discover new interests and develop leadership talents while giving back to the community!

How much does it cost?
Absolutely nothing. The cost of the Catapult Plus program has been completely covered by the generous contributions of our community partners. Catapult will pay for all summer conference accommodations, meals and supplies. We will help coordinate carpooling and will reimburse for transportation costs where applicable or arrange for Maritime Bus tickets to get you to the Plus conference and back.

Tell me about the Summer Conference?
The Summer Conference is a celebration for Catapult Plus students who have worked on their leadership talents throughout the year and submit their completed Plus activity reports to tell us about it! Alumni will come together as friends to learn more about themselves, meet new Catapulters and gain leadership tools to start next year with a renewed energy. Held at Acadia University, the conference is scheduled in August where you will have your own dorm room, eat in the Acadia dining hall, experience the campus life once again and meet speakers new and old who will share their leadership wisdom.