catapult plus handbook

Congratulations!! You’ve worked hard to become a better leader and make your community a better place …
and we want to hear all about it!

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1. Tell us you want to join by sending an email, text message, Facebook message, snail mail…carrier pigeon?!
2. We’ll send you a Catapult Plus Handbook you can work on throughout the year
3. Get ready to come to the Catapult Plus Conference!




FREE Summer Conference after grade 10 and after grade 11 at Acadia University:
• 4 days skill development (public speaking, conflict resolution, time management) with lots of team building activities in a fun, ‘family’ environment.
• Post-secondary planning speakers and events

Mentorship Program:
• Career Coaching program to provide guidance in making post-secondary choices
• Assistance with scholarship applications and student loans

Employment support:
• Submit your resume to Catapult for input
• Ask an Expert match

Our interactive Website:
• A wealth of support information for careers, education, volunteering etc.
• Connect, inform, inspire


Lead a Pay-it-Forward Project alone or in groups:
• Organizing a school event, fundraiser or helping neighbours – you decide!

Get involved in Extra-Curriculars:
• Student council, clubs, teams both in and out of school are great choices – you decide what you want to join

Commit to Life-long Learning:
• Read the Catapult teen book we gave you – you may learn some great tips! Readers are leaders

Set Personal Goals each year:
• Learn to create an action plan so you reach your goals each year!

Money Management (Grade 11 only):
• Learn to create a monthly budget so you can take control of your money!