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Education can open doors for your future. But it’s difficult to decide what you want to do right out of high school! You may have several careers over your lifetime – in a variety of different jobs. The trick is to find a career that combines your passions with your talents to do work that you will find meaningful every day.

It’s worth spending the time and energy to really find a career path that matches your personality. It’s an investment in your future! Once you find your career path, you’ll need to find out how you can get there, how you can pay for it, where you may live while you’re being educated and then put your best foot forward from there. And Catapult wants to help you in any way we can.

Top Things to Consider When Researching Schools

While every individual has different values and priorities in their life, it’s important to consider a variety of things when deciding which post-secondary option is best for you.

1. Academic programs – Not everyone graduates with the degree they start out with. Everyone wants a great career but not everyone knows what it’s going to be. It’s nice if a university offers a variety of programs and makes it easy to switch if you want to.
2. Support – You’re going to need it. Whether that’s help with writing your paper, doing research, or just simply talking to someone, the university you choose should offer all the support you need.
3. Class size – A number can say a lot. The average 1st and 2nd year class size will tell you what type of experience you will get. If it’s low, you’ll get a more personalized experience. If it’s high, you’ll probably be treated more like a number instead of a person.
4. Careers – Getting a great educational experience is important, and so is getting the career you want. Your university should value both and expose you to a variety of interests and career options.
5. Cost – Most students will require student loans and/or parent support in order to pay for their education. It’s important to consider the impact of costs for your education. Many institutions offer entrance scholarships and other awards when you apply. Will you have to stay in residence or are you able to stay at home rent-free? You won’t want to sacrifice the right program for incremental costs but it’s an important factor to consider.
6. Location – Where your school of choice is located will have a big impact on your experience. Are you looking for a small community experience or a large city one? If it’s important to be close to family and friend support, is the location a good fit for you? You should like how the University “feels” when you’re on campus – knowing you’re in the right place for you will make you a lot more comfortable and better positioned to succeed in your post-secondary pursuits.

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How will I pay for my education?
We have some tips on how you can figure out how you will pay for your education!