career research

You’ll want to choose a career that matches your interests and your personality so you’ll love what you do. “If you love your work, you’ll never work a day in your life”. Statistics state that most people change careers 3-7 times in their lives…that’s not just 7 jobs, that’s 7 different careers (you can have many different jobs in one particular career). Which means you’ll have a chance to experience all kinds of different areas that are of interest to you. So it’s worth spending some time up-front to match your likes with a career that meets some, if not all, of what inspires you. And don’t worry about finding “the” answer. Your career path is full of twists, turns, wonderful surprises and lot’s of lessons learned. The time and effort you put into discovering the right fit for you can save you time, money, and will result in your future happiness. So spend some time thinking about it…you’re worth it!

Personality tests are a great way to discover some options you may not have considered. Why not start by taking a few quick online quizes to see what comes up – if you find the same careers keep popping up, maybe it’s worth looking into it a bit more.
16 Personalities – allows you to go through a personality quiz and match your personality to real-life jobs.
Holland Code – select your interests/skills from a list of options and this will give you a list of jobs where other people with similar interests/skills are working in jobs they enjoy.
Career insight -helps you build your career profile through a variety of quizzes and inputting information about yourself.

Career research is the next step to figuring out if the options that interest you are available where you want to work etc. You can contact Catapult to have a Catapult Career Coach help you or visit some of these websites on your own:
Career planning NS – helps you discover opportunities and what skills are in demand
Career Cruising – you will need to get the user name and password from your school – there are lots of quizzes and tools to help you find a good match for you!
Can Learn – Canada government website to plan for education after high school
Skills NS – provides a range of programs and events for youth to encourage career exploration in skilled trades and technologies
Working in Canada – helps you compare salaries, education, etc across all careers