career coaching videos

Following are 7 brief videos that outline how to get from “I don’t know what to choose” to “I have a good idea about the career field I want to be in and how I get there”.

You may get some helpful tips from watching the videos or you may want to look at some of the sections in the handbook for additional reference. There are also some helpful activities in the handbook to help you get from one step to the next. And you may want to come back to these items as you get along in your research. Use them all, use parts of some of them – how you chose to use these tools is up to you!

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Catapult Career Coaching Videos:
1 – Introduction – Kevin Duffie, Catapult Camp Director
2 – Learn About Yourself – Jane Roy, Catapult Chair
3 – Identify Options – Mark MacLean, Catapult Plus Counselor
4 – Research – Ashley Doyle, Catapult Director
5 – Make a Decision – Monica Njoku, Catapult Director
6 – Set a Goal, Make a Plan – Stefanie MacDonald, Catapult Counselor
7 – Re-evaluate – Lori Barker, Catapult Executive Director