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Soon you’ll need to make some decisions about what’s next for you. You can do anything you want…we believe in you!! But anything leaves you with a whole lot of options and that can be overwhelming. There are no “right” answers for finding career fulfillment. Every path is different; every destination unique. So we want to help you on this journey. And it is a journey…because your career is about self-discovery, and that happens over time.

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“The program is very thorough and after only 3 chats with my coach, I have an idea of what I want to do and even where I want to go to get my education. Career coaching asks the right questions and is very flexible – putting me in charge of when to schedule meetings. I would recommend Catapult Career Coaching 100%” – Ali (Catapult 2013)

Catapult has put together a Career Coaching set of videos and handbook with activities to help you find your first dream job. Join us on the Catapult Career Coaching journey! View all of our videos here.

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Our students discover more about themselves and their leadership qualities through a variety of classroom, outdoor and just plain "fun" activities at Catapult!