Catapult Memories by Ali

A prelude to the best week of your life!

With great clarity I remember, for some odd reason, the chalk art on the pavement when I first got to Acadia. “WELCOME TO CATAPULT” followed by drawings of blue arrows and other things related to the camp. It was the beginning of a very welcoming, exciting, and positive experience! And ENERGETIC (you cannot forget that word when describing Catapult)!! It wasn’t long before my nervousness went away and I became too preoccupied with having an incredible time! Having fun and learning go hand in hand at Catapult and it works wonders. It is never a dull moment when you’re at camp and the lessons you learn will stick with you forever!

The one thing that will stick with me forever is the sense of confidence I gained from that week at Catapult. And it built gradually throughout the week: from icebreakers on the first day, to the conversations I had with the counsellors and campers while we ate the delicious food (ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner means you have found paradise), being taught the incredible life lessons of Mr. Phil (whom you will never forget), and taking gradually larger steps outside of my comfort zone to face my fears. And the best part is that everyone at camp just wants you to succeed; there is no fear of failure! The week felt like a year (in the best way possible) and we became like a family. I can say with certainty that I made life-long friends during that week and I now have a support system that will always be there for me. That’s the beauty of Catapult: it’s a place that gives you the tools you need to succeed and all you have to do is be the leader you were meant to be.

So be excited for Catapult because the hype is as real as it seems!!! It’s okay to be nervous. Being away from home can be seem very daunting at first, but trust me when I tell you that no matter how worried you are, after the first night you will be ready to take on the week with an open mind and an enthusiastic point of view! I will be a junior counsellor at Catapult this year and I am beyond excited to meet you all!!

Ali T.