Author: Lori Barker

What does Catapult mean to you by Ali

Catapult. What does it mean to you? I think every catapulter has their own unique experience, but we can all connect on some of the same things: going through (and overcoming) hardships, meeting some of the most amazing people and

Slice of Advice by Sandrico

A little about myself: I started at Saint Mary’s University (SMU) in 2012, and just recently finished in December of 2015. I studied Geography and Sociology, was involved in my departments society for 3 years, and worked on the campus

Catapult memories by Nikki

Imagine this: You’ve graduated from grade 9, terrified to be going into high school and you get a letter saying you’ve been chosen to attend a leadership camp along with 50 other complete strangers for a week away from home..

Catapult Memories by Ali

A prelude to the best week of your life! With great clarity I remember, for some odd reason, the chalk art on the pavement when I first got to Acadia. “WELCOME TO CATAPULT” followed by drawings of blue arrows and

Catapult Memories by Emily

When I arrived at Catapult in 2010, it was as a very broken person. I had moved to Nova Scotia from BC a year before, and during my first year at my new school I was bullied relentlessly. I had

Catapult Memories by Emma

When I was in Grade 9, I was given the opportunity to go to a summer camp, and got the honor of spending a week in Catapult. Still, two years later I can call it one of the best weeks

Communication – Staying in Touch by Dede

With the change in season and many students finishing school for the summer, communicating with friends (& family) can be a challenge. But with technology today, it’s easier than ever to stay in touch. Hi, my name is Dede and

Applying for work by Zack

Hey everyone! To get a little introduction out of the way: My name’s Zachary MacMillan, I’m completing my honours degree in Criminology this summer, am starting law school in September, and have had plenty of experience applying for and finding

Ever wonder where your money is going by Taylor B

Money can be spent and gone in a blink of an eye which was what used to happen to me. My experience creating a budget for myself was tough but I knew that it was what I had to do

Why volunteer? By Kayla

Why do you volunteer? Why do you commit multiple hours a week, weekends and multiple weeks of your summer to volunteer? Those are all questions I get asked often because I am a volunteer. I give countless hours of my