about us


Our Mission: to cultivate new leaders who will make a positive difference in communities across Nova Scotia. We focus on students with natural leadership qualities but limited opportunities.

Our Vision: to inspire, inform and empower Nova Scotian students so they have the confidence to reach their potential.

Our Core Values:

INTEGRITY: We believe in leading by example with our commitment to honesty, excellence and integrity.
INSPIRE: We believe in inspiring our students to recognize their capabilities and envision strong goals so they can reach their full potential.
EMPOWER: We believe in building skills and confidence to empower our students to become stronger individuals and community members.
RESPECT: We believe having respect for our own unique talents, abilities and backgrounds and those of others is the key to positive relationships
COMMUNITY: We believe in fostering a sense of belonging in Catapult and encourage giving back to our community.

Catapult is a non-profit leadership camp fully funded by corporate sponsorships. Registration, accommodation, meals and even transportation are provided at no cost to the student or school.

Catapult provides a fun, high energy learning experience focused on enhancing leadership skills just prior to starting Grade 10. Campers learn problem solving techniques, decision making skills and the benefits of effective teamwork. The program is a combination of inspiring presentations and exciting adventure activities set in an atmosphere of fun and friendship.

Our Annual Reports:
We see the difference our Catapult Community Builders are making every day!
Catapult 2017 Annual Report
Catapult 2016 Annual Report
Catapult 2015 Annual Report

View some of our Catapult story at our Catapult YouTube Channel.

Catapult’s focus is on a group of teens who have strong potential yet are often overlooked and/or miss out on experiences and opportunities that develop personal growth and confidence.

→  Registration is not open to just anyone – campers must be nominated by their teachers. Each group is carefully selected to be diverse in terms of interests, accomplishments and backgrounds.

→ The age group is targeted at teens starting high school. This timing coincides with a maturing attitude and provides an ideal opportunity to learn life-enriching skills as they begin high school. Campers attend as an individual (we typically select only one student from a school). This offers a unique experience that allows each camper the freedom to be “anyone they want to be” without the influence of existing friends. At home, they may be on the outside looking in or on the inside wanting out, but at camp everyone arrives on an equal playing ground.

→ The program is very high-end with a level of quality that many of the students don’t normally access. This encourages them to set their goals high. Catapult believes that every student, no matter who their parents are, where they live, or what kinds of connections and opportunities life may have offered them, has the potential to make their dreams come true.

→ Catapult is situated on a university campus that offers inspiration towards educational goals. Catapult’s Directors are exceptional personalities with extensive international experience in teenage motivation. Counselors are recruited carefully to be positive role models and they receive extensive training creating an energized and highly capable staff team.

With a focus on students with limited opportunities, the group develops a unique and very powerful bond with each other and they inspire each other with their determination and ability to overcome challenges. The online peer network that results provides many benefits to the students as they move forward. Catapult focuses on life-leadership for our students in order that each and every student, regardless of their chosen direction, enjoy a diverse and rich life experience.

Following Catapult Camp, students have the option of continuing their leadership development with Catapult Plus which offers additional programs and support throughout high school.

My favourite catapult memory? Well the whole experience was my favourite.
I got to learn how to be a better leader.
It boosted my confidence and I made great friends!

~ Alexandra, Catapult 2012