Month: August 2016

Catapult memories by Nikki

Imagine this: You’ve graduated from grade 9, terrified to be going into high school and you get a letter saying you’ve been chosen to attend a leadership camp along with 50 other complete strangers for a week away from home..

Catapult Memories by Ali

A prelude to the best week of your life! With great clarity I remember, for some odd reason, the chalk art on the pavement when I first got to Acadia. “WELCOME TO CATAPULT” followed by drawings of blue arrows and

Catapult Memories by Emily

When I arrived at Catapult in 2010, it was as a very broken person. I had moved to Nova Scotia from BC a year before, and during my first year at my new school I was bullied relentlessly. I had

Catapult Memories by Emma

When I was in Grade 9, I was given the opportunity to go to a summer camp, and got the honor of spending a week in Catapult. Still, two years later I can call it one of the best weeks